Hello and welcome!  I'm Tanya, a homeschooling mother of three active kiddos.  If you are looking for hands-on learning activities, information on what kids need to learn (and why), or thoughts on parenting- you have come to the right place.  I am so glad you're here!

A bit about my family…

My husband, Samson, and I have been married since 1999.  Together we have three little boogers,  Sam (born Sept 2005), Max (born in June 2008), and Corinne (born July 2010).  Our days are filled with tons of drawing, pretend play, learning activities, and lots of messes!  

A bit about me…

I remember telling people when I was younger that I wanted to be "an educated housewife."  I knew I wanted children, I knew I wanted to be home with them, and I knew I never wanted to stop learning.  Turns out that homeschooling is a pretty fabulous way to live out those dreams!  

In college, I focused on research in Cognitive Psychology (the study of how people learn, process, and remember information).  I found I LOVED research and writing.  And when I say writing, I mean long, data-filled papers based on research findings.  Weird, right?  I was honestly pretty shocked to find out how much I loved it myself!  But I very much enjoyed conducting experiments and sharing the results in a way that may be helpful to others in the field.  

I think of my blog in the same way.  I love to observe the behavior and learning styles of my own children, try various activities, and share them with any of you who might find them useful.  I am also very interested in WHY children should (or should not) learn a particular concept.  For instance, I learned when my children were very young that sensory play was beneficial- but why?  I can't tell you how many articles on sensory play I read to find out.  So as I read and learn about various education and/or parenting philosophies, I would love to share what I find with you.  

Finding Teachable Moments…

A teachable moment is a spontaneous opportunity to teach a child a moral or academic lesson.  As much as I like to have a plan, I know the real moments in life, the ones that matter, are the unexpected ones.  The most memorable lessons in life are the ones that happens naturally!

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