Harold and the Purple Crayon Window Counting

Corinne had her own preschool trays to go along with the Harold and the Purple Crayon Unit we did as a group as part of our Five in a Row curriculum.  Since so much learning was incorporated into this one simple activity, I decided to make it a separate post.   

Counting Harold's windows

In the book, Harold wants to find the window to his bedroom.  He begins by drawing a building with many windows, hoping one of the windows would be "his" window.  He then proceeds to draw many buildings with many windows in the quest to find "his" window.   The Five in a Row manual suggests re-creating the scene in the book that shows the city full of buildings that Harold drew, so I came up with this activity.

It's very simple to make and set up.  First, I drew a moon, of course, and bunch of "blank" buildings.  Then I set out a stack of number cards between 1-10 (ours are from our RightStart math curriculum, but it would be very easy to make your own).  Corinne chose a number and decided where to place it.  Then, with purple marker, she drew the correct number of windows in the building.  

Skills she worked on:
  • Number recognition
  • 1:1 correspondence- One object represents the number one, two objects represent the number two, and so on.  (It has taken some time for Corinne to master this concept- I was thrilled to watch her stop at the correct number of windows with no problem!).  
  • Critical Thinking (assessing size)-- Choosing a taller building to to house a larger quantity of windows, and vice versa.  The first couple times she picked up a number, I helped a bit…. "Two.  That's not a very big number, do you think it should go on a bigger building or a smaller building?" After a couple times, she was on her own.  She thought through each number carefully and strategically placed it over a building, and talked through her thought process as she worked! 
  • Fine motor-  Drawing the windows.
  • Odd/Even Numbers- We have been learning that (pictures of) even numbers have a "buddy" and can be grouped in two's, as opposed to numbers have that have one "odd" number when grouped in twos.  The odd numbers always have one that is missing buddy.  She looked at each building and decided if each window had a buddy or not.  Then we went through and named the odd-numbered buildings and the even-numbered ones ("Buildings with 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 have buddies, they are even numbers.  3 and 5 do not have buddies, they are odd numbers.")

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