A is for Angry Bird

My preschooler and my toddler are going to start working on Letter Books this week.  The plan is to make a mini book every week-- one for each letter.  "Angry Birds" will be one of several A-words we'll focus on, so I came up with this little "a is for Angry Birds" craft for them to include in their books.

I used a printable to for the bird's features, but the shapes are pretty simple, you could also draw your own.  Here's a little tutorial if you would like to make one with your little one:

What you'll need:
  • Red cardstock or paper (if you're making the red angry angry bird)
  • Paper or cardstock in another color for your letter "a" pieces (I used yellow).                                                                                     
  • Making Learning Fun Angry Bird printable.  You can choose from several Angry Birds, I chose  "page-1"  for the red bird:  


To Make (for you to prep beforehand):
  • Cut your lowercase "a" pieces--  a rectangle and a c-shape.  **You want the middle of the "a" to be about the same size as the body of the red bird from the MLF printable.  (I traced a circle from the printable onto my yellow paper and then traced a bigger circle around it using a small dessert plate, and cut along the lines.).

  • Cut the pieces of the bird (save the pig for a future craft)

  • Cut out the belly half from the bird's body.  The belly portion is all you need.  It looks more like an "a" when the bird's red body (i.e. the middle portion of the letter) matches the background paper.

  • Option:  Cut some head feathers on the same kind of red paper used for your background  (so it also matches the body and background).  You can freehand it, use the printable as a guide and trace it, or print the black and white version of the printable onto red paper and cut out.  It just looks better when everything matches. 

Here's a look at everything ready to go:

Have the kids first assemble the "a," (I'll be pointing out the formation of the letter and have them trace with their fingers after it's glued down).  Then add the eyes, belly, head feathers, and tail to the middle portion of the letter (stressing of course, that A is for "/a/, /a/, Angry Birds.") 

I made this as a sample for my kids (and to work out what I had in mind).  I'll post their little masterpieces with the rest of their books at the end of the week.  I can't wait to see how their letter birds come out!!

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  1. What a great project! Thank you so much for sharing at the Oh What a HAPPY Day party.

    Holly at Not Done Growing

  2. How cute! My toddler LOVES Angry Birds! I will need to share this with his day care :). Thank you for sharing! I'm a new fan from Oh What a HAPPY Day party :)

    The Wondering Brain

  3. What fun!! Thanks for joining us and sharing at Share It Saturday :)

  4. So cute! My son would definitely love this. Thanks so much for sharing it at Stress-Free Sunday. :)

    Mary Catherine at Fun-A-Day!

  5. Super cute! My son LOVES Angry birds! I am pinning this!

    Thanks for linking up to TGIF! Hope to see you linked up again today =)

    Have a great weekend,
    Beth =)

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