Wacky Wednesday

We had so much fun with Wacky Wednesday!

Wacky Wednesday!

Daddy had the day off of work that day so the kids woke up to find that Daddy was not only home on a school day,  but was also their teacher for the day!
Wacky Wednesday!

The boys wore clothes to bed the night before and got dressed in jammies in the morning.  Corinne wore a wacky outfit.

As for the rest of our Wacky Wednesday...

  • A shoe on the wall, of course.

Wacky Wednesday!

  • Dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner

  • Ate "breakfast" under the table

  • Sam's underwear hanging from the ceiling fan.... definitely their favorite!  They thought it was especially hilarious to turn the fan on and watch the undies fly off!

  • Coffee table turned around the wrong way

  • Chips in the bathroom sink

Wacky Wednesday!

  • Dining room chairs turned backwards

  • Lamp under the desk

For school, they played "Real Word or Wacky Word?" with scrabble tiles. 

Wacky Wednesday!

My original plan was to have a cup of consonants and another with vowels, and have them make a CVC word and decide if it was a real or "wacky" word.  But Max didn't like that game as much.  He wanted to randomly choose his own letters/words.  We got wackier words, and some real words, this way and it actually worked out better.  Max really enjoyed making the words, these are all his creations.  See the word "EYD?"  He intentionally put the "Y" in the middle so it could be the "sometimes Y" (a vowel).  He cracks me up with how fascinated he is with that "sometimes "Y!" :)

I made a Wacky Morning Message for Sam to read and circle all the wacky words.

Wacky Wednesday!

I love this picture of Corinne reading in her wacky outfit! 

Wacky Wednesday!
Notice she's only wearing one shoe because the other was stuck to the wall? :)

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