Tot School~ Dr. Seuss Week

~Corinne is 31 months~

My older kids had activities to go along with a different Dr. Seuss book everyday.  For Corinne, I made up a variety of Seuss inspired trays for her to explore throughout the week.  She also joined her brothers in some fun activities and themed snacks.  I posted about some of the activities previously, but I thought it might be helpful to have all of the toddler friendly Seuss-y things we did in one post as well.     

Preschool Dr. Seuss Week


Cat's Hat pattern:

She helped paint the craft sticks red before hand.  After they dried I set the tray out on her shelves.  I told her how to alternate red and white and pointed out how it was the same pattern as the Cat in the Hat's hat.  I'm not sure if she really understood what I meant by "pattern," but it was good exposure to patterning nonetheless. The first time she tried it she wasn't a big fan, but after her brother did it with her once she warmed up to it.  Fun big brothers are always a plus when leaning new things. :)  

Catching "Things 1 and 2"
She got caught!  There she is in the "net" on the bottom right.  :)  The kids loved chasing each other around the house trying to catch "Thing 1 and Thing 2" in a net.

Cat's Hat French Bread Pizza

I think Stouffer's french bread pizzas are kinda shaped like the Cat's hat, so I took the cute idea I found on Pinterest to make a large striped pizza and modified it to individual pizza hats.

Fish in a Pot

I wrote more about this snack in my Cat in the Hat Day post.


Green Eggs Letter Match

She did really well with this!  She loves letters and is pretty good at identifying uppercase letters.  After she did this tray on our Green Eggs and Ham day, I took a little toy frying pan and spatula her brother used for a sight word game and put it on her green egg tray so she could "flip" the eggs and say the letter.  She looked through the eggs and told me the letters, but didn't really have any interest in flipping them.

Green Eggs and Ham Play Dough

She loves play dough, but didn't really play with the egg and ham mold.  She played with the play dough a lot, mostly using her ABC cookie cutters (below).

Candy Green Eggs

Each of the kids got their own little make-shift pastry bag of melted white chocolate to squeeze onto wax paper, then they squished green m&m's in the centers of the chocolate blobs.


When she noticed one of her shoes stuck on the wall on Wacky Wednesday, she wasn't very amused. :)  She put the other one on and wore just one- in protest, I think.  It totally worked with the Wacky outfit she had on though!


Speck Inspecting
I glued a small piece of cotton to one of the pom pom "clovers."  Corrine had to help Horton find the one with the speck.  I got the idea here via Pinterest.

We looked at the pages in the book showing Horton looking for his clover with the speck.  Then I asked her if she could help her little "Horton" find his clover with the speck on it.

 Horton's checking it out.

Still looking...

She found it!

Horton/Elephant Snack

Circle shaped sandwich, tortilla ears and trunk, grape eyes and a grape as a "clover" with a bread crumb "speck" on it.  


ABC Puzzle

She LOVES puzzles and asks to do them all the time.  Usually when she's finished with a tray, she just says "I done" and gets something else, no fuss.  But on this particular day she got really frustrated....

Is it wrong that I LOVE this picture?

ABC Cookie Cutters

Letter Identification with Scrabble tiles

Sam loves doing tot school with her.  He was helping here by telling her the sounds the letters made.  In the picture above she is repeating "Mmmm" for M. :)

Corinne had a ball playing in the alphabet box all by herself one day. Her favorite was scooping and dumping to make it "wain!"  She did it over and over and over.

On another day, she put all the Seuss books we had on display in the box....

Then got in for a good read! :)

She spent almost as much time in the bin as she did out of it!

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Other book-related activities:

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  1. Some great ideas here for Dr Seuss week! Nice :)
    Visiting from Tot School Link-up (I'm two behind you on the list)

  2. Wowser!! That's a LOT of Seuss activities. I'll be back to use this again, when we do Seuss over a few weeks next year. Thanks for all the great ideas, in particular the sensory box (just love all the rice OUTSIDE the tub and your daughter INSIDE!!!)

  3. Wow! So many great ideas! I really like using the craft sticks for patterns. I think my guys would really enjoy that. We missed Seuss's birthday, but I plan to do a theme week this summer.

    This post would be great for our new linkup. Love to have you join us. http://www.forthisseason.com/2013/03/14/when-baby-doesnt-sleep/

    Becky Marie forthisseason.com

  4. Love all these ideas!! That sensory tub looks really great. Thanks for sharing!!

  5. I love all of these ideas. So creative!

  6. love all the suggestions and im motivated to find some great books to do this with! thanks alot.



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