Green Eggs and Ham Day

My favorite activity for Green Eggs and Ham day was a fun lesson on {not} judging something based on its outward appearance.  I found the idea on Scholastic's website and had to try it!

The character in the book found that something green and unappealing did not taste as bad as he expected.  The goal of this little experiment was to bring that lesson to life.  I assumed that my kids would be reluctant to try the opaque green liquid and eager to try the popsicle-blue one.  But my kids were all too excited to try them both!  I tried to influence them by telling them that the blue one reminded me of a blue popsicle and that I thought the green one looked really yucky.  But to no avail, they still couldn't wait to try them both!

Well, as you might expect they still got a surprise when they drank the blue salt water!  

After the taste test, we talked about how we can't judge something by its outward appearance.  We also  compared their experience with the drinks to the character's experience with green eggs and ham in the book.  Definitely a memorable lesson!

Learning with Green Eggs 

Green egg printable from Mommy Lessons 101
I loved this cute printable from Mommy Lessons 101.  I printed out three copies, laminated them, and used them in a different way for each of my three kids.

Letter match
 For Corinne (my two year old), I used the egg printable and green yard sale stickers for a letter matching game.

Sight Word Flipping 
If you check out the post at Mommy Lessons 101, you can read her suggestion for a fun sight word game using the eggs with sight words written on the back.  We didn't play the game, but it sounds like fun!  I just gave Max a play frying pan and spatula to flip the eggs and read the word.  He barely touched the spatula, but had a ball  using the pan to flip the egg into the air. :)

Missing Addend Eggs
For Sam who is working on missing addends in math, I made up some addition problems on the eggs and wrote the answers on more green yard sale stickers.  Sam solved the problem,  then found the answer and stuck it in the green yolk.  

Rhyming Eggs

First Max matched up rhyming picture eggs (Unfortunately, the site no longer exists that provided this printable). 

 Then he matched some of the pictures to their beginning letter sound using green egg letters.

More Green Egg Rhyming

Sam got his own rhyming eggs using words from the story.  I think it's kind of funny that he is reading the word "there" in this picture.  After I helped him find it's match, "here," he was quick to point out that "here" and "there" don't rhyme and he refused to put this pair with the rest of his eggs! 

Green Egg Candy

The kids made their own candy green eggs.  I put some white chocolate chips in three different Ziploc bags and melted them in bowls of hot water.  After they melted, I cut a little corner in each bag so they could squeeze out blobs of white chocolate and squish green m&m's in the centers.  I wish I could have gotten some pictures of the kids making them, but you gotta work fast with the melted chocolate, it gets hard pretty quick.  

Play Dough Green Eggs and Ham

The kids helped me make some homemade play dough.  I put it on one of Corinne's trays for the week with a Play-Doh tool that has a mold for ham and eggs.  

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  1. Tanya, I really like your activities, glad to find you on FB and am following you there. Hope we can connect up and share ideas. Feel free to drop in at our FB page: https://www.facebook.com/StackingBooks

  2. What great learning activities! I love the eggs in a plan. I will be sharing this post on Facebook and Google+.

  3. I love all your Dr. Seuss ideas!

  4. I am unable to access your rhyming activity for green eggs and ham with the pictures as the link is disabled. Is there another way to access it?

    1. I'm sorry about the link. This is an older post and it worked when I originally published it. I tried to search Google and Pinterest for something similar, but unfortunately I couldn't find anything with a Green Eggs and Ham theme. I will take down the link, thank you for bringing it to my attention.



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