Cat in the Hat Day

This is the beginning of our week-long Dr. Seuss author study.  

We started our Seuss week out with The Cat in the Hat Day.  All activities of the day involved striped hats and the like to kick off our Seuss-y celebration.  Here's a look at what we did.

Pretend Play

The "net" we used was an over-the-door mesh hamper that hangs in my daughter's room. 

I gave it to the kids and told them to act out the part of the story when the boy catches Thing One and Thing Two in a net.  It was SO much fun!  


Read the Book

The best part of Dr. Seuss week has been Sam reading the books himself for the first time!   Some of the books (like The Cat in the Hat) are a bit long for my wiggly boy to read in one sitting.  But even reading a section of the book is a big accomplishment for him and he is so proud of himself!

Word family Cat Hats

We started using Annie Moffatt's Ready 2 Read program (which I can't say enough good things about!).  It just so happens that Max is working on the -at word family (Level 1, Unit 1), so the -at hat from A to Z Teacher Stuff  was perfect.  Sam is working on the -ing and the -ice word families (Level 2, Unit 3), so I just printed out two blank hats from the same site and he filled them in with his words.

Writing Prompt

I printed out a Dr. Seuss writing packet for Sam to work on for the week.  I gave him different writing prompts for each of the stories we focused on throughout the week.  For The Cat in the Hat, I gave him the prompt "If Thing One and Thing Two came to my house....."  He said he would have to shake their hands, like the kids in the story.  The picture is his hand and a Thing hand together in a handshake. :)


Color by Sum Hat

Sam did a color by sum page with three addends.  There are A LOT of problems on this page.  It took him about eight days to finish it, doing roughly ten problems a day. 

Toy Clean-Up Schedule

We talked about how The Cat in the Hat "always picks up all his playthings...."  and decided on two times a day that we could make "toy clean-up time" in our house.  Sam wrote the times in the boxes--- and made the top one look like an alarm clock. :)

Cat's Hat Patterns

Max and Corinne painted some craft sticks red and I set this tray out on Corinne's shelves for the week for both of them to use.  

Fun Food

Fish in a pot

I saw this idea on Pizzazzerie as part of an ADORABLE Dr. Seuss themed baby shower.  The boys really thought it was fun to eat fish in a pot while reading the story.  Sam told daddy all about it (a couple days later even) and said "Mommy comes up with the best school ideas ever!"

Hat Pizza

We rearranged the pepperoni on a Stouffer's French Bread Pizza to resemble the Cat's hat.

Check out what we did for the rest of Dr. Seuss Week!

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  1. We did a similar project on Cat in the Hat at school :) The hats were so addictive! Thanks for the post. I really like how you have managed many learning activities from that one book. Very creative!

  2. What wonderful Cat in the Hat activities! The pizza looks delicious. I will be sharing this post on Facebook and Google+.

  3. Fun activities! I like the "toy clean up schedule" one. Did it work?? :-)



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