Winter/Snow Unit

Last week I shared the activities we did to go along with the book Snow Globe Family.  The next snow-themed book we seriously enjoyed was Snowmen at Night.  We all quickly became fans of this book!  Definitely on the "must buy" list.
Snowmen at Night

In the book, a little boy notices that his snowman is a bit more droopy the day after he was built.  So the boy wonders what fun things snowmen must do around town at night.

We talked about the snowman we built, looked at some of the snowmen in our neighborhood and we speculated what they all must have been doing all night to look so worn out!
Our snowman and a neighbor's snowman.  
I gave Sam the writing prompt,  "My snowman                at night."  He wrote, "My snowman lost his head in a snowball fight at night."  That totally cracked me up. :)


Snowball Melting Race
I didn't get any pictures, but we did a little snow melting experiment I thought was worth mentioning.

We talked about what makes snow and ice melt.  Then I told them that we were going to have a snowball melting race, so they needed to think of the strategies they might want to use to get thier snowball to melt first.  Sam got super excited and immediately ran up to his room to plan his tactics in private. :)

I went out and collected snow in two small (identical) cups, one for Sam and one for Max. Max was immediately disqualified for eating his snow. :)  He continued to eat it and giggle.

Sam carried on and focused on the task at hand.  I loved how into this he was!   First he held his snow in front of a window and blew on it.  Then he hypothesized that if he broke it into smaller pieces it would melt faster.  I thought that was pretty darn smart!  He threw it down on the kitchen floor, and it transformed into splashes of water within seconds.

Max continued to happily lick away at his snow.

Snow Sensory Bin
We found out what happens when you mix together a can of shaving cream with a box of cornstarch!  It was able to be molded into a snowball, but it would have been much better if we would have used two boxes of cornstarch instead of one.  I saw it recommended both ways, and went the cheaper route.  I think the "snow box" would have lasted longer if it had more cornstarch.  But no matter, this was ridiculously fun for them!  And it was easy to clean too.  Any that gets on the floor turns to a powder after it dries and vacuums right up.  But FYI- we have laminate floors.


They measured each other with snowflakes and recorded how many snowflakes tall they were.


Sight Words in the snow
We sprayed the table with shaving cream and let all three of them have at it!  After they played for a while, Sam practiced his sight words and Max practiced writing his letters.

Snowball sight words
The boys had a blast with this.  I chased them around the house throwing these paper balls at them.  If I hit either of them, Sam had to stop and read the word inside.... then run before I got him again!  So fun, I wish I had an "in action" picture to share.  

Craft Time

Snow Painting
Snow painting (one bottle school glue and a cup or so of shaving cream).

Fun Food

No bake snowballs, recipe courtesy of Confessions of a Homeschooler.  These were very yummy and minus the powdered sugar, kinda healthy.  The kids thought it was fun to stack them on top of each other and make snowmen. :)

We also made snowmen sundaes for dessert one night-- check out the sundaes and other fun food ideas on my Winter Pinterest board.

That's it for our snow week.  Can't wait to see what others have been up to this week!

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  1. I love writing in shaving cream with my preschoolers. It cracks me up how many are so hesitant to actually do it though! I am surprised they are not more excited to get messy!

    1. I know, when my oldest was about three he wouldn't go near it. I thought it was just him! Now he dives right in up to his elbows and the other two are right there with him!

  2. A snowman melting race sounds like so much fun!



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