Valentine Tot School

{Corinne is 30 months}

Here's a look at some of the tot school trays and activities I have planned for my tot for Valentine's day.
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Sensory Bin

Our Valentine Box is just right for Corinne.  She is going to LOVE it.  It's girly and full of toddler favorites.  The heart shaped "Who does mommy love?" box has a mirror, a discovery bottle with hearts and glitter, and the big heart under the box is a crinkle-y insert from a box of chocolates.

Play-Doh Hearts

Valentine Stickers 

Corinne loves stickers-- I haven't met a toddler yet who doesn't!  I found a cute Valentine sticker book with 322 stickers.  That should be enough to last through the week and give those fine motor muscles a workout. :)

Balloon Paddleball 

I saw this cute idea from The Weekend Homemaker on Pinterest and I've been wanting to try it for a while now.  I thought it would be fun to make a heart shaped "paddle" and try it out for Valentine's Day.  The kids have already had a blast with it! 

I just laminated a sheet of red paper, cut it into a heart shape and stapled it to a craft stick (taping over the back staples with electrical tape so no one gets poked).  It was kinda floppy though, so I also taped a wooden skewer to the back, and it worked out great!

Number Identification
 She can count to 12 pretty well, but I'm not sure how well she can identify written numbers.  I thought we would practice this week and see, and maybe play a couple rounds of "musical numbers."

Red, White, and Pink Interlocking Cubes
More fine motor practice.  This particular brand of blocks are difficult for little ones to manipulate.  I have since found that Unifix Cubes  are much easier for little fingers.

 Upper and Lower Case Letter Match

She shocked me the other day with how many upper case letters she knew, so I thought we would work on some lower case letters this week.  I used heart shaped post-its to make these and several other heart themed activities.  Definite time saver versus cutting many paper hearts! :)

Cotton Ball Counting

Conversation Heart Sort

Valentine Magnets
 I found these at the dollar store and thought Corinne (and the boys) would have fun with them.

I love Valentine's Day.  I look forward to baking heart cookies and making other heart shaped food, doing Valentine crafts, and snuggling up to read books with a love theme!

Here are a few of our favorites:

This is an all-time favorite book in our house, not just for Valentine's Day.  All three of my kids have loved this book, and no matter how much we read it, they totally crack up as I read the last line!  I know I will always have warm memories of reading this book to my littles.

 "How do I love you?  Let me count the ways.  I love you on your very best and very worst of days."  This is a sweet poem (in board-book form) full of examples of a parent's unconditional love.

On the day it rained hearts (Valentine's Day), Cornelia Augusta gathered some of the hearts and created individualized cards for her friends. It is fun to guess who will receive each card based on the way they fit her friends' distinctive characteristics.  I love this book for its simple text, creative story line, and great illustrations.  My kiddos enjoy this book, but I think might like it more than they do!

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  1. I love all your trays! Thanks for sharing ;)

  2. Love these! I'll definitely be doing Heart play dough and musical hearts this week :) Thanks!!

  3. Great collection of trays! My daughters would really enjoy the cotton ball counting and balloon paddleball.



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