Halloween Book Week

For the past week (and a half) we have been doing little Halloween mini-units.  Each day we read a book or two featuring one spooky creature and did activities to go along.  Here's a look at what we did. 

1.  Skeletons

Last week we did a skeleton unit, but it was kind of an off week and we did not get to many of the things I had planned.  So I thought I would include our skeleton/X-ray activities in with our Halloween book week post.  


Craft and writing prompt
Sam said he thought drinking water would get rid of the skeleton's hiccups.
I found this idea and printable at Finally in First

X-Ray words
To introduce Sam's sight words of the week, I wrote them in white crayon on white paper and let him paint the page to reveal the words.   I made some "x" CVC words for Max and a big letter X for Corinne.  They all loved it!  I got the idea for this at Preschool Alphabet.  

X-ray stamping

Max stamped his name and Sam stamped his sight words in white onto black paper to look like x-rays.  For the rest of the week, I dressed Sam up like a doctor and asked him to "read the X-rays."


Skeleton patterns
I made a Q-tip skeleton for Max, and gave him all of the same "bones" to copy the pattern and make his own.

Counting Bones
Photo credit
I didn't get a pic of ours, but we used this same Skeleton floor puzzle to practice counting to 200.  We learned that there are 206 bones in our body, so we counted all the bones on the puzzle to see what we would get.  I think we went wrong somewhere though, because we got somewhere around 186 not counting the teeth or any of the bones in the ear.  But it was still good counting practice!


The Spine
I was really bad at getting pics the week we learned about the skeleton.  But I did want to share what we learned about the spine.  Like the cool pool noodle model of the spine from Spell Outloud, we made a miniature version with a straw and a pipe cleaner.  I put a straw on a pipe cleaner and explained that this was like our leg bone- it's in one piece and doesn't bend.  Then I took the straw off and cut it into pieces.  I let Sam string the pieces of straw onto the pipe cleaner and told him to see how easily it could then bend.  I pointed out that our spine is made up of little bones, like the little bits of straw and our leg bones are made up of one solid bone, like the whole straw.  So our spine can bend but our leg bones can not.

We reviewed what we learned about insects and their exoskeletons.  Then we discussed vertebrates and invertebrates and learned that we are vertebras.  Other bone names we learned were skull and phalanges (just because it's fun to say!).  Sam cracked me up talking about his "falingies."  :)

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

2. Witches 
Big Pumpkin and Room on the Broom were our witch books.


 Cute coloring and tracing page from the 3 Dinosaur pack.

Story Cards

Big Pumpkin

I only printed out and prepped one set of the cards and asked Sam to match the words with the pictures. Instead of using as 3-part cards, we used them as 2-part cards.  He also used them to retell the story.  He really got creative in telling the story.  He remembered that the different characters would "think of pumpkin pie," and so he took the picture of the pumpkin pie and put it over the head of each character as he told the story.  He also made the witch "kick that pumpkin," like she does in the story.  I was shocked at how well he remembered the story, it was so fun to listen (and watch) him retell it!

Room on the Broom
We used this story board printable from The Home Teacher on the flannel board for a couple different reading comprehension activities.  The kids put the figures on as I read the story, then later used them to retell the story.  I also asked the boys to match the character with the item they found in the story.  (e.g. The dog found the witch's hat, etc).  Then I asked them to match the item put in the caldron to the animal that put it in.


Witch's Brew
We did the ol' baking soda and vinegar mixture to make "witch's brew"  The boys LOVED this!  They just kept adding more baking soda and vinegar to watch it happen over and over.  We learned that the two substances create a chemical reaction, causing the jar to fill up with gas and bubbles and force the liquid to "explode" out.

Fun Food

To go along with our books,  each of the kids got a paper bag "broom" with some fun treats inside--    "Witch's Hat"cookies and candy pumpkins.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

3. Jack O' Lantern

All of the printables used with this book came from 3 Dinosaurs.  We used the ones pictured and others as well.  We used just about all of the activities included in the pack that went with this book.


 3-Part Cards

Onomatopoeia Matching
Sam learned that the word onomatopoeia refers to sound words, then matched the words with the picture cards.


Ordinal Numbers
 Sam put the pieces in the order they appear in the story, then we played a little ordinal number game switching up the order of the items-- "Put the shirt in third place and the pants in fifth place."

Number Puzzle

Non-Standard Measurement
The boys used the printable scarecrow pieces from Toddler Approved to put the scarecrow together and measure it with math cubes.

Craft Time

Pumpkin Carving
 My husband had the brilliant idea of using power tools to carve our jack 'o lantern this year.  He helped the boys drill a hole in each of the pumpkin's features (that Sam and daddy drew on together), then my husband took a drywall saw to that bad boy and carved us a jack 'o lantern in no time at all!

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

4. Mummies

Where's My Mummy?

I saw this Where's My Mummy book unit from Mrs. Jump's Class and hopped over to Teachers Pay Teachers and bought it.  I'm so glad I did, it helped me plan for the other books we used as well.  All of the printables you see in this section came from that pack.

Character Analysis

"What does Baby Muumy do and feel in the beginning of the story... and at the end of the story.

When I'm Scared my mummy...
(Hugs me)


Ordinal Numbers

I read the instructions in the pack to Sam so he could figure out which order to place all of the characters.  For instance, "Mama Mummy is 1st, Drac is 4th.  Baby Mummy is not 1st or 3rd.  Bones is not 3rd." I was worried Sam would get frustrated with it, but he amazed me with how well he did!  I liked the idea of this activity so much that I included ordinal numbers in some way with all of the books we read this week.  


In the book, a character named Bones "gargled with goo," and a character called Glob "washed his gooey face."  So for our science experiment, we made goo.

It's better known as non-newtonian fluid, and even better known as Oobleck.  It's just a simple combination of cornstarch, water and food coloring that turns into an amazing substance... solid when  punched down, liquid when held in the hand.  It opened up a discussion about liquids and solids.  We learned that the mixture is made up of little particles that are close together (making it solid) when punched down and spread out (making it liquid) when in our hands.  Sam said, "Like ice melting into water."

Later we watched this You Tube video of people running across a pool filled with the mixture.

There are tons of fun non-newtonian fluid videos on youtube. We also watched one with kids running across pools of 'oobleck' and dancing 'oobleck' on a subwoofer.  My little ones loved watching them all.

Fun Food

Mummy dogs and Mummy juice boxes

The kids helped make both mummy treats.  I think they turned out really cute. :)

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

5. Ghosts

Due to an unexpected doctor's appointment, we didn't get to everything yesterday.  Here's a look at what we did get to though.  We'll finish up today and I'll update the post tonight or tomorrow.

Ghost Math
 Printable came from the 3 Dinosaur pack, and the idea for the lima bean ghost counters came from Pre-K and K Sharing.  Those ghost beans have been a ton of fun for all three kids all week!

Writing Prompt
 Also from 3 Dinosaurs.

Ghost Bowling

I got this adorable idea from Jeanetics.net via Pinterest.  (Max had leaned up against the chalkboard in his black shirt and got covered in chalk dust!)

Whew!  Lots of Halloween fun.  Can't wait to see what others have been up to this week!  If you're looking for more halloween ideas, check out my Halloween board on Pinterest.

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