Tot School~ Farms

Tot School
~Corinne is 26 months~



Old Mc Donald
Mary Had a Little Lamb
Deep and Wide (Bible song)


1. Colored Eggs:

Fine motor, color recognition, sorting

She tried opening and closing them and we sorted them by color.  She's doing good with identifying colors, but she's still trying to get the hang of sorting.

2.  Coins in a Piggy Bank
Fine Motor
I know I saw this somewhere-- probably through Pinterest, but forgot to pin it.  I remembered it though, and thought it would be a fun farm themed activity.  It was a huge hit!  She spent a lot of time putting plastic coins in the piggy bank.  The bottom was open, so the coins fell right through and she could easily put them in over and over (and over and over) on her own.

3.  Cutting Fruit

Fine Motor, colors
Our Melissa and Doug fruit is one of her favorite toys. :)

4.  Letter Ff page
Fine Motor, Letter recognition, Letter Sound

I gave her fruit and fish stickers to put on a letter Ff page.  

So proud of her work!

Sensory Bin

She didn't play with the animals as much as I thought she would, but she loved playing with the popcorn kernels in the farm box.

Group Time

Farm Crafts
This girl LOVES crafts!  We did a barn, a sheep and a letter T tractor for Farm week.

Making butter

"Milking a Cow"
As another part of our farm unit, I poked holes in a disposable rubber glove and filled it with water to resemble an udder.  I let the kids take turns "milking the cow."  They all loved it... especially Corinne!


  1. I remember my kids really loved putting coins through the slots of a piggy bank - it would keep them occupied for a long time (and they still enjoy it now at age 3). We recently made butter, too, and it was a lot of fun. The "Milking a Cow" activity with the rubber glove is hilarious - I'll definitely have to try that!

  2. This is great! She's having so much fun. My daughter is 27 months.



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