Farm Unit

Sam is 7 (1st grade)
Max is 4 (Pre-K)


Farm Fun Kindergarten kit from Homeschool Share.  We only used a couple printables from the kit, but it also gives some fun suggestions for theme related activities- we did all but one of them!

Farm Pack from 3 dinosaurs.  Most of the printables we used came from this pack.  I didn't get many pictures, but Max did most all of the pack and Sam did a couple things too.


Science and Social Studies

Making Butter
We read From Grass to Milk, then discussed the different products that come from milk, like butter.  We talked a bit about how butter used to be made with butter churns, then we churned our own butter. 

I poured some heavy cream into a small baby food jar, about three-fourths full, and added a pinch of salt.  Then I cranked up some Go Fish and they danced and jumped and shook and shook and shook!  After it became mostly solid, we put it in the refrigerator for it to set up for a bit.  Later we discovered that we had made butter!!

Baking Bread/Dough Experiment
We read The Little Red Hen and From Wheat to Bread and then took a shot at making our own bread.

After mixing our ingredients and kneading our dough, we took two small dough balls from the main loaf for our bread dough investigation...

Bread Dough Experiment: 

Question:  Does dough rise better in warm or cold?

Prediction:  Sam guessed warm, Max guessed cold

Experiment:   We put them in separate covered containers and put one in the microwave (but didn't turn it on) and one in the fridge.  

Conclusion:  After an hour, we looked at our two samples.  The dough in the microwave rose and fell before I got around to taking a pic of them--  but it did rise, while the dough from the fridge didn't change size.  The one from the microwave was soft while the one from the fridge was a bit hard.

*   *   * 

Meanwhile, we uncovered our main loaf and saw that it also rose.  We were supposed to "punch it down slightly," but my boys beat the crap out of the poor thing!  We didn't get a second rise-- hmm, I wonder why? ;)   

We ended up with a delicious on the outside, not quite done on the inside, lovely loaf of homemade bread!

We all enjoyed a slice of homemade bread with our homemade butter from the day before!

What farms provide

I tried to include things in our Farm Sensory Bin that illustrate the different products we get from farms.

Wheat to Bread process:
We read From Wheat to Bread, and made a Wheat to Bread chart.  The link is to the pictures we used to make the chart, I didn't get a pic of our finished product (water spilled on it before I got a chance to take a pic).

Match product to animal:


Scrambled Eggs
I got this cute idea from This and That.


Measuring "Scratch Feed"
Sam was introduced to fractions by measuring out corn kernels into a 1 cup measuring cup.

Missing Numbers
From the 3 Dinosaurs pack.  There is another one in the pack for odd numbers.  Sam only did the even numbers,  then we went over skip counting by 2's.

*   *   *

Farm Counting 
Also from the 3 Dinosaurs pack.  Max has gotten to the point where these are a bit too easy for him, but he loves them so I keep including them!  

This is from the 2 Teaching Mommies pack.  I liked this activity because we could practice 1:1 correspondence and counting higher than ten.  I used black pony beads as counters/spots.  Max wanted to color his own spots on the cow too. :)

Craft Time

This idea came from Totally Tots.  If you are planning a farm theme, be sure to check out their site for tons of ideas!

Just for Fun

"Milking a Cow"
I didn't get a picture of it, but the kids loved pretending to milk a cow!  I poked some small holes in a rubber glove, then filled it with water and they took turns squeezing the "milk" into a bucket.  The gloves kept leaking, so I had to keep the glove in the bucket.  There was still plenty of "milk" left in the "cow" though.  Everyone got a nice long turn to practice milking... and squirting each other.  I was so glad I used water! :)

Well, that was our week.  Can't wait to see what others have been up to!

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  1. What a fun week :)

    I love how you describe your boys punching down the bread...I can picture that happening in my own house ;)

  2. So many great ideas! Love the "scratch corn" measuring :)

  3. Just hopping over from Science Sunday. Looks like there were lots of science opportunities in the farm unit.

  4. Love a unit when you can incorporate all subjects. Well Done!! Thank you for sharing.

  5. I'm new to Science Sunday so I just wanted to see what others are up to. The Farm unit seems like a lot of fun. I love unit studies!

  6. You always make great sensory bins. Thanks for linking up to Science Sunday!



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