Tot School! Week 1

Tot School 
~Corinne is 25 months~

This was "Sun Week" for the boys so I tried to incorporate a few sun-themed activities for her too,  but most of what we did wasn't themed-- just random fun!


Mr. Sun
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
This Little Light of Mine


1.)  Pom Poms

 We tried sorting them, but she is still learning her colors.  She doesn't know them well enough to sort according to color on her own, so this wasn't as much fun for her as dumping them out and filling the dish again.

She mostly liked to dump them out and hold one up at a time and ask, "What dis one?"  
I would tell her the color and she would put it back in the bin.

We only did this once, not her favorite this week.

Definitely her favorite of the week!  She spent most of her time just cutting away.  
Almost every time she would cut a piece, she would say "I did it, Mommy!"  
SO cute. :)

She loves puzzles, so this was another one of her favorites.  This was her first time with these pattern blocks.  I think they will come out again often!


It mentions the sun and the moon, so it somewhat fit for our Sun theme this week and our upcoming Moon theme next week.

The "sound box" books are fantastic.  I use them more for Max than for Corinne, but she enjoys them too.  It's fun for her to look at all the S-word pictures and name them.

This is one of her favorite books.  It also mentions the sun and the moon.

Sensory Bin

She had a ball playing in the "sun box" all by herself!

But she also shared her "sun box" time with her brothers.

Group Fun

While her brothers were doing their school work, she surprised me with how content she was to do her own thing.  She usually gets pretty jealous when my attention is directed at the boys- or anything other than her!  I thought for sure she would insist on being held while I worked with her brothers.  But I think she liked feeling grown up and hangin' with the big boys!

*She loved morning circle time, and actually sat better than the boys at times!*

Other things she did along side the boys: 

Drawing (circles):

Drawing on the chalkboard:

Sun Painting:
She liked painting with water more than with paint!

Teachable Moment- Spontaneous Color lesson
 While the kids were playing outside in the front yard one day, I sat in the grass and watched.  Corinne came over and sat next to me and we started saying "hi" and "bye, bye" to the cars that drove past.  Then we added the cars' colors.  "Hi white car,  bye, bye white car."  She thought it was so much fun!    


  1. She is So cute! Thanks for linking up to Tot School!!!

  2. looks like an awesome first week!!!



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