Tot School- Moon Week

Tot School

~Corinne is 25 months~

Our Moon Week was pretty full.  I didn't get as many pictures of Corinne as I would have liked, but here's a quick recap of her week.


Skidamarink a Dink a Dink
(I had others planned, but we never got around to singing them)


"Rocket Ship" wooden stackers.  
She hasn't quite gotten the hang of these yet, but we worked a bit on the concept of big and small while playing with them.  She liked stacking them in random order, then we would take some of the wooden rings and make rocket-like noises as she made them "blast off."


Definitely her favorite activity of the week.  She's been very interested in letters and letter sounds lately, so I made her a play-doh "M" and practiced the /m/ sound with her.  

Since her brothers worked with a clock as part of our Goodnight Moon mini-unit, I included a clock for her this week too.  

Felt Fun

I cut apart a Hey Diddle, Diddle coloring page and backed it with quilt interfacing for her flannel board  this week.  

Group Time

Snack and Story time in the "Rocket Ship"

M is for Moon page from Making Learning Fun
 I gave her this one day while the boys did their work.  When she finished her Moon page, she went to town on some blank paper.  As you can see, she needed a bath afterward :)

Puffy Paint Moon

Another activity requiring a bath afterward!  She loved this craft.  Last year she would barely stick one finger in the goop, but this year she dove right in with both hands!

Moon pancake 

She got a half moon, while the boys got full moons.  She also munched on several other fun moon foods this week.

Moon Bath

Another thing we did as a group for Moon Week.  She had a blast glow painting the walls with her brothers!

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