Sun Unit

Well, our first week of homeschooling is complete.  Wow, am I exhausted!!  We did tons of fun sun themed activities.  Here's what our week looked like...

The Sun is My Favorite Star
The Sun  Our Nearest Star

How big is the Sun?

We learned that it would take 109 Earths to span the diameter of the sun.

To demonstrate, I cut a piece of yellow wrapping paper to the length of 109 pony beads (ahead of time).  The paper wasn't tall enough to make a circle, so I did the best I could to make it look like a sun.

We laid the paper out on the table then counted out the beads- 10 at a time.
Max (my 4 yr old) counted each bead as I laid it down.  Once we got a few sets of 10, Sam (my 1st grader) would point to each group and skip count by tens figure out how many beads we had so far, until we got to 100.  

Then we added nine more and pushed them all together in one looong line.  
Seeing 109 beads in a row across the big yellow paper really shows how big the sun really is!

It was a great math/science combo lesson.


Let your light shine... on a sight word

I'm about 95% sure that this is not my original idea.  If it's yours- or you know who's it it- please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due.  It's one of those things I'm sure I saw out there in school-blog land somewhere, but I can't picture a particular post in my mind's eye.  The idea to use it popped into my head as I planned out our Sun week though, and it was perfect.

The  object is just to shine a flashlight on a sight word and read it.  To prep, I randomly stuck some sight words on the wall, spacing them apart enough to allow for the light to only shine on one word at a time.  We talked a lot this week about how the sun provides us with light, so this was a great theme-related activity.  Both boys loved it!

 Craft Time:

Pattern sun 

We used Mama Jenn's MFW copywork printable, but skipped the copywork part this week since Sam had already done a lot of writing.  (I didn't want the page to look blank, so I wrote the verse in).

I let Sam make up a pattern with the rays and then asked Max to copy the pattern.  This doubled as Max's math for the day.

Paper Plate Sun  
The middle plate is Sam's and the bottom one is Max's.
Sam said that he painted the outside of the sun and Max painted the inside. :)  
I had originally planned to make this just a fun activity, maybe just talk about how yellow and red make orange.  But as we painted, it turned into a discussion about the parts of the sun.

Sam stopped what he was doing to grab a book and look up a diagram of the sun.  I grabbed a plate and a brush and painted what we learned.  Love when learning just comes by naturally like that!

Fun Food:

Happy Cheese Sun

To make these, I just used regular ol' kraft cheese slices, some grapes, and an apple.
  • For the middle, I cut one cheese slice into a circle using the top of a cup as a guide.
  • For the triangle "rays," I cut an "X" then a "+" on each cheese slice and layered them around the circle.  2 cheese slices will make 16 triangles, but I only used 12 per sun.
  • The eyes are two grapes cut in half and put on "pit-side" up.
  • The smiley mouth = an apple slice



** Click here for all the details on the experiments we tried this week! **

Melting Ice:

Sun Dial:

Solar S'mores:

The Sun's Effect on the Grass:

Sensory Bin Fun

While they playing in our sun sensory bin, we talked a little about the sun's role in the water cycle.  Max got the cardboard sun and held it over the "rain puddles" to evaporate the water.  Then they picked up fistfuls of "rain" and pretended their hands were clouds, heavy with water.  Their little fist clouds released the rain, and the water cycle could start over again!   

I usually just sit back and let their imaginations go when they play in a sensory bin.  But mommy jumped in  this week to influence this activity!  So glad I did, they had a ball with it and learned something new.  And I'm sure they'll remember it too!  

Learning Poster:

We did a KWL chart throughout the week, and concluded our week by writing out everything we learned (the "L" in KWL) on this poster.  I got the idea for our poster from the Techy Teacher.  I love having a big visual to remind us of everything we discovered throughout the week!  

More about our Sun Week:

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