Moon Unit

Max is 4 (pre-K) 
Sam is 6 (1st grade)

Moon week was big hit last year, so the boys were excited to have some more moon fun this year.  We did many of the same things, but added a few new concepts and a did a few new activities.

We focused on the more science-y aspects of the moon for the majority of the week, then ended the week with a Goodnight Moon mini-unit.

 We used a lot of printables this week.  I divided them between the boys according to their abilities.  

Moon/Space printables came from:

Goodnight Moon:
Homeschool Creations Goodnight Moon pack

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Moon facts learned:
  • We learned 4 of the phases:  new, full, half, crescent
  • There is about an inch of powdery dust on the the moon
  • Meteors crashed into the moon years ago, creating craters 
  • Created by God on the fourth day,
  • There is less gravity on the moon than on the Earth
  • Nothing can grow on the moon
  • Is always there, but can only be seen at night

Gravity Jump

We investigated what a jump on the moon might be like!

First Moon Landing
We watched a You Tube video of the first moon landing.

Moon Phase cards:

We used these cards from 2 Teaching Mommies as moon phase flash cards, and as 3 part cards.  They are intended to be part of a moon phase flow chart, but I printed them out twice and cut them like three part cards.

Glowing Moon Sensory Bin

The boys made craters by dropping the rocks into the powdery base.

Sam also made a New Moon by moving the "moon dust" out of the way to see the "night sky" (black garbage bag under the clear bin)

Read more about the contents of the "Moon Box" and see it glow here:  Glowing Moon Sensory Bin


Three part cards:

In addition to the phases of the moon 3-part card activity, Sam also worked on Goodnight Moon cards from the Homeschool Creations pack.  {not pictured}

Story Time:

They got inside the "rocket ship" and had snack and story time.  Sometimes we would practice counting backward from 10 to 1 before "blast off" while inside.

**For each (fiction) book we read, we do a verbal story map:
"Can you tell me what happened in the beginning, middle and end of the story?"
"Who were the main characters?"
"What was the setting?"

Not pictured:

  • Space vocabulary words (Homeschool Creations Astronaut pack)
  • A variety of beginning letter sound practice from the HC Astronaut pack.


Oreo Math

Max graphed our oreo moon phases:

Sam practiced greater than/less than with the oreos:
The number of Crescent moons is less than the number of New moons

The number of full moons is greater than the number of half moons

Sam completed this in one sitting (not typical for him), he loved it!  And the fact that it's a dry erase activities, he can do it again and again- or save for his brother to work on.

Counting backward from 10 to 1 before "Blast off." 
**Idea from Jolanthe's Astronaut post.

As I mentioned, sometimes they counted down to blast off after story time, while in their "rocket ship," and sometimes we counted backward while playing with their rocket craft (pictured below, under craft time). 

Telling Time
I saw so many cute Goodnight Moon unit studies that included telling time.  As the picture of the clock shows a different time throughout the book, Sam would move the clock hands to match the time in the book.  It was a fun way to learn telling time by the minute, not just the hour.

Fine Motor

Play-doh Moons

...with (finger-made) craters

not pictured:
Rocket Maze (2 Teaching Mommies pack)
Variety of pre-writing and letter tracing pages from all 3 packs.

Fun Food

Moon Pancakes:
Very un-healthy breakfast.  If you're super health-concsious, you may want to just keep scrolling down. :)

I covered the plated in chocolate sauce to represent the night sky and dusted with powdered sugar.  These didn't turn out as well in reality as I had imagined them in my mind's eye.  They don't really look very moon-y.

But they did serve to teach a couple lessons:
1.)  Atmosphere:  The powdered sugar represents the powdery surface of the moon (and I hoped an extra dusting on the chocolate would look like stars).

2.) Moon phases:  Last year we only learned three phases of the moon: Full, Half and Crescent.  This year I taught them the New Moon phase as well.

To introduce the new phase, I gave the boys full moon pancakes, Corinne got a half moon ....and I gave my husband a "New Moon"-- a plate with only chocolate sauce (night sky) on it.  

I asked them what phase daddy got, which led into a lesson on the new moon phase.  Sam ate all of his pancake and told me he had a new moon now. :)

Swiss Cheese Crackers

Moon Phase Oreos

Of course we had to eat up all that yummy oreo math!

Craft Time

Paper Towel Roll Rocket
I stole this craft idea from Jolanthe's Astronaut post.  The boys had a blast with them!

Puffy Paint Moon

We did this fun No Time for Flashcards craft last year.  Since it was such a hit, we had to do it again this year!

Just for Fun

Blue Moon
Danced to "Blue Moon" by the Marcels!  They just giggled and giggled at this song.  It was hysterical to watch them dance and hear them crack up at it!

Moon Bath

I got this crazy-fun idea from Growing a Jeweled Rose.  It was SO fun!!  The kids were so surprised and had the best time!  Jump over to Growing a Jeweled Rose's post to see how the water glows too!  

**For more Moon themed ideas and resources, check out my Moon Board on Pinterest. 

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  1. Oh man, we did space last week, too. Your activities were so cool! I LOVE the moon bath!!

  2. I love the poster you did about the moon with the stars for the facts, what a great idea!

    Thanks for linking up to Science Sunday!

  3. What an awesome post! Thank you for sharing at Discover and Explore. I'll be featuring your moon sensory bin tomorrow. Excited to see what you share for our park theme this week.

  4. Most of the activities are excellent. i was about to share with my professional network when i noticed that amongst the 'Science facts' you have that the moon was 'created by god on the 4th day'. And this is a fact, how? Very disappointing that you are teaching your kids that this is science

  5. Wonderful ideas! I love the gravity jump concept and your moon phases. I'll be featuring your post on the Discover & Explore highlight post - thanks so much for linking up! http://www.kcedventures.com/blog/hands-on-science-phases-of-the-moon-activities-for-kids



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