Insect Unit


  • "I is for Insect" pack from Oopsey Daisy- Most of the printables and ideas I used this week came from this fabulous 80 page pack.  I was able to use some of the printables for my boys, many were great for my two year old, and most activity suggestions were good for all three kiddos to do together!  (**Check back on Sunday to see how we used this pack for Tot School). 
  • Pinterest- There were so many great ideas we didn't get to this week.  There is SO much you can do with this theme!  If you're planning an insect unit, check out my Insect/Bug board for more ideas!  



Insect facts learned:
  • Have 6 legs
  • Have 3 body parts (Head, Thorax, and Abdomen)
  • Has 2 sets of wings (if any)
  • Has an exoskeleton 
  • Are not the same as "bugs"-- all bugs are insects, but not all insects are bugs.  "Bugs" have a triangular head and a beak-like mouth.
  • A ladyBUG is not a "bug."
  • Insects are useful-- * Ladybugs are garden helpers, they eat plant-destroying aphids;  * bees pollinate plants an give us honey.  (We were also going to learn more about ants, but didn't get to it.  They are useful because they eat pesty insects and aerate the soil).

Insect/Non-Insect sorting:

We learned that an insect has 3 body parts and six legs.  We looked through the "Bug Box"  to see if they all checked out.  Turns out some of the creepy-crawly invertebrates in our box were not insects, so we separated the Insects from the Non-Insects.  Sam really had fun with this!  

Play-Doh Insects

 I gave them some Play-Doh and told them to make any kind of insect they wanted, real or made up.  The only rule was that it had to have all the parts of an insect:  three body parts, six legs, antennae, and wings were optional (but it had to have two sets of wings if they chose to include them).

I think this helped Sam remember what makes an insect an insect more than anything else we did.

Insect Hunting

 My sister had gotten them a Discovery Kids Bug Explorer kit (I couldn't find it anywhere to link it).  The kit came with a little journal.  Sam decided it would be the other kids' job to dig and try to find the bugs, and his job would be to observe them with the magnifying glass and record them in the journal.

Sam had a blast looking for bugs, using his magnifying glass, and recording his findings in the journal from the kit.  He said "I feel like a real ....what's that word again?... entomologist."  :)


Fly Swatter Fun

Swat a Sight Word

I first saw the idea to swat sight words at School Time Snippets, then I saw some cute sight word swatting printables on Teachers Pay Teachers.  I didn't use the printables, in fact I was too lazy to put plastic insects on the word cards (my pic didn't come out, so I used the one from School Time Snippets).  Sam just read plain old sight word cards and swatted them. :)

Swat a Letter Sound

For Max, I used his All About Reading (Level Pre-1) letter sound cards.  He had to say the letter, the name of the object on the card and the letter sound (i.e. "F, fish, /f/") and then swat it.  This was fun for him for a little while, but using all 26 letters took too long.  He got bored after about a dozen letters.  

"I" Swatting

For Corinne (she just turned 2), I laid out a bunch of letter I cards and had her swat them with her "I" swatter.  She LOVED this activity.  


Ladybug math
I used these cute counting cards from the Oopsey Daisy Pack (link above) for both boys in different ways...

Sam:  Addition facts to 10, greater than and less than, and tally marks.
Max:  Counting/matching numbers to corresponding ladybug, addition facts to 5.

** I only took a picture of a few cards, but they go from 0-10.

Bee Math

Also from the Oopsey Daisy pack.  We used these in the same way that we used the ladybug cards above for Sam, only writing the number on the bee's wings rather than using number cards.  Max just counted stripes.

Bug sorting
Max sorted these cards intended for making patterns.  He hasn't been into patterning, so I'm not pushing him right now.  He loves sorting though, so we did that instead. :)

Firefly Place Value

I found this cute activity with free printable at Golden Gang Kindergarten.  There is a group of ten fireflies in the circle (to represent the tens place).  The object is to "catch" more fireflies for the jar and figure out the ones place.  Ten fireflies plus four more caught gives you 1 ten and 4 ones-- or 14.

Fun Food

Ladybug apples
 I got this cute idea from Mama Jenn.  The kids ate this while we read The Grouchy Ladybug.

Ants on a log
Just peanut butter on pretzel sticks with raisin "ants."  They ate these while we read Bug Safari by Bob Barner.  The book is about a boy following a group of ants, hoping they will lead him out of the "jungle.

Just for Fun

We wrapped up the week by watching A Bugs Life.

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  1. Great ideas, Tanya! I love the ladybug apple snack! This looks like equal parts fun AND education. Well done! Thanks for sharing at the After School Linky Party!

  2. LOVE the swat the sight word activity ; ) hehe. Glad you had fun with it!



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