Fall Unit

Sam is 7 (1st grade)
Max is 4 (pre-K)

The first day of fall just passed so we spent a lot of time this week looking at all the changes autumn brings and all the fun we have to look forward to over the next few months.  We will explore farms/farming (harvesting), pumpkins, leaves, halloween and Thanksgiving as separate units in the weeks ahead, but this was just an overview- and a celebration- of all things fall.

Fall Fun Pre-K and K packs from Homeschool Creations.  I printed out everything from both packs and used different activities with each of my kids.  There were even a couple activities I was able to use with my two year old.  I used just about everything from both packs this week, but due to camera malfunctions coupled with having the flu and a sprained ankle, I only got a few pics.  (**All printables came from this pack unless otherwise noted).



We learned about squirrels, acorns, and the life cycle of an oak tree since this is the season for the little acorns to fall.  We read From Little Acorns and looked at the life cycle of an oak tree in the back of the book.  Then Sam glued some pictures  in order on our Life Cycle of an Oak Tree chart.

Acorns and Oak Leaves

We observed some real acorns and oak leaves, then searched for artificial leaves that looked like oak leaves in our "Fall Box."

Fall changes  
We talked about how fall is a time when the weather gets cooler as a result of less sunlight, causing the leaves change color and fall from the trees.   Crops also need to harvested before the cold winter sets in.

Social Studies:

We learned that many different cultures celebrate harvest time and read a bit about what they do to celebrate.  We also talked about how football is a popular American sport that starts up again in the fall.


Love this!

Fall Color Words

Sam's sight words for the week were fall color words.  I found a fun game, Read the Rainbow, on Teachers Pay Teachers a while back.  I plan to use it closer to St. Patty's day, but I swiped the color word cards from the game to use for this activity.  I also printed out a leaves template from DLTK.  I printed the B&W version of the template then colored, laminated, and cut the leaves so Sam could match them up with the words.  

After practicing with his color word cards all week, he read the words and colored the leaves on this fall color worksheet from Twisty Noodle.  He knew the words really well by Friday.  I was proud of how quickly he read the words and colored the leaves!

Three Part Cards
From the Homeschool Creations pack.


Apple Addition
 Just some fun practice for Sam.  Max could have done this also, but we never got to it.

Number Clip Cards
Max loves these.  He insisted on writing beginning letter sounds on the cards too. :)

 Roll and Graph
All the kids thought rolling the dice was so fun!  

Fun Food

Acorn donuts
I put the pretzel sticks in the wrong end.  Oops!  The kids didn't mind though. :)  They devoured these cute snacks while we read From Little Acorns.

Craft Time

Fall Wreath Collages
To make their fall collage wreath, each of my three kiddos got:

1. A paper plate with the middle cut out
2.  The word "Fall" to color and glue on the top of the plate.  (The word came from a coloring page printed on cardstock and cut).
3.  A little bag full of fall pictures to choose from.  (**Most of the pics were from the Homeschool Creations Fall Fun pack, and others were either clipart I found online or from other fall themed pre-K packs I found around the web).  I also printed out the months of fall in fall colors for them to choose from.  
4. An assortment of fall colored leaves

I love how they turned out-- each one shows their different personalities :)

Just for fun

Mr. Squirrel Game  

To play, place an acorn under a chair and choose a player to be "the squirrel." 

 The squirrel sits in the chair and closes his/her eyes while another player snatches the acorn.  

Then the group chants: "Mr. Squirrel, Mr. Squirrel, someone took your acorn from you.  Who could it be?"

All players put their hands behind their back or make fists so it's not obvious who holds the acorn, and Mr. Squirrel tries to guess who has his acorn.

Obviously this is more challenging with a larger group, but my kids loved playing it with just four of us.  Everyone had plenty of turns to be Mr. Squirrel!

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  1. Looks like the students had a blast with the Fall activities. Love the Fall wreaths.




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