Sun Sensory Bin

I think most moms create sensory bins for their toddlers, but I create mine primarily for my older kids.  It gives them visual and tactile cues to help them remember the main points of our science concepts  each week.    

This week's theme is The Sun.  Here's what's inside:
  • Cardboard sun (from a puzzle)
  • Blue rice-- sky
  • Cotton Ball clouds-- other than making the sky look more sky-ish, I included the clouds to open up discussion about the sun's role in the water cycle.
  • Plastic glow in the dark stars-- because the sun is a star and gives off light 
  • Number four-- to help us remember the sun as part of the fourth day of creation
  • Green (Easter) grass-- the sun gives life to plants/makes the grass green
  • Plastic corn and grapes-- again, gives life to plants... and to illustrate that if it weren't for the sun, we wouldn't eat! 
  • An orange light up ball with glitter and liquid inside (behind the cardboard sun)--  to remind us that the sun is a ball of hot gas and gives us light.  
Behind the cardboard sun:


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