Science Investigation Notebook

We are going to do at least one science experiment to go with each (well, most) of our unit studies this year.  To give the boys an intro to the scientific method and to help them feel more "professional" during the investigation process,  I made these Science Investigation notebooks for them.

Each experiment gets a two-page spread with four sections:
  • Observation
  • Hypothesis
  • Experiment
  • Conclusion

On the left of each section is where I write down what they narrate to me, and on the right is a space for them to illustrate it.

For our first experiment, we explored the sun's effect on the color of grass.

Click the image above or click here to read more about our experiment and how we used the science investigation pages.  

Feel free to print your own:
(Note that the Observation section pictured above simply reads "Observation," but the printable version says "Observation/Question."  In many of our investigations, I found that it would have been more helpful if I would have worded it differently, so I changed it.)

How to Assemble Binders:
To use the pages in a binder like we did rather than use them as loose pages, here's a quick how-to:

To get a 2 page layout: 

  • Print just one Observation/Hypothesis page single sided.  Hole punch just that page to the right.  This will be the first page of the binder.
  • Print the rest of the pages double sided.  (Observation/Hypothesis on one side, Experiment/Conclusion on the other). 
  • Stack pages with the Experiment and Conclusion sides facing up and hole punch to the left.  

When you put them in the binder, it will create a 2 page spread as pictured above.

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  1. This is a great idea! Thank you so much!

  2. Great idea (and finally a printable I don't feel compelled to change! ;) Thanks so much!



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