3' x 4.5' Bulletin Board

It looks like a "real" bulletin board, don't ya think?  It's just some trifold boards put to good use, but it's exactly what we needed.

I wanted a large area to hang all of our morning circle time "visuals."  A standard size sheet of foam board just wasn't going to be enough, especially since I really wanted the calendar to be included on the board.  I also wanted to utilize the space in front of our non-functioning fireplace.  So, I made this handy-dandy bulletin board to fit the fireplace opening, which happens to be just the right size for our morning time display.  Win- Win.

Here's the how-to if you would like to make one of your own:

  • 2 standard size tri-fold boards (I got mine at Staples for $8 each)
  • Duct tape
  • Staple gun
  • 3 Sheets of posterboard (or some bulletin board paper)
  • Whatever you would like to post on your new board


Lay your first board out on the floor, upside down:

Then take your other tri fold, and using scissors or a utility knife, score and break apart one of the side panels.  They come off easy-peasy.  (Save the rest for another project). 

Line your cut panel up with your full tri-fold board:

Next, Duct tape the side panel to your full board.  
 I'm telling you, if it weren't for duct tape, hot glue, and spray paint,  I just don't know what I would do.  

I used two layers of duct tape, overlapping the edge a little to the front 
 ....as the next Vana White so beautifully highlights. 

Turn board over and either staple or glue down your poster board. You will have to cut at least one of the the poster boards to make it fit.  

Make sure that you know where you want to place all of your charts and posters and things so that you can position the seams in such a way that they will be covered up.  The trimmers took care of most of this for me. 

 Fill up your new board like you would a cork bulletin board.  To attach everything, use staples, tape, thumb tacks, velcro... whatever floats your boat:
 I used staples for the backing and the trim, and velcro for most of the posters and things so I can easily remove and change the trim.  

Or at least that's the plan.  I used some velcro, but most is tacky poster putty I used temporarily to help  get a feel for where I wanted everything.  That's why some of the things are sitting a little "off."   I will replace the poster putty with velcro later.  

So there you have it.  A 3' x 4.5' bulletin board for about $10 (for the board itself).  Another $19 or so for all the "stuff" that's on it (for the stuff I used, you can skimp on most of the things I paid for).

All in all, I don't think that's half bad.

Options for making your board pull double duty:

If you are not planning on hanging your board on the wall, here are some ideas for the back side:
  • Make a pegboard-  use an $8 pegboard , great for fine motor activities and will also serve to make your board a little more sturdy.
  • Make a white board-  Have a piece of $10 shower board cut to size at a hardware store and attach it to the back for a dry erase board. 
  • Make a flannel board- Cover it in flannel (or felt or fleece) for a flannel board on the other side.  You could also use one of the ideas above and line the outer edges with velcro strips to make a removable flannel board... 3 in 1 board!  win, win, win. :)

If you would like a closer look at what we have in each section of our board, please stop back again tomorrow!

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  1. wow! how inspirational! thanks for sharing at the Happy Hello this week!

  2. it's BIG!!!!
    Great for a busy family....



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