Fire Station Field Trip

Our Fire Safety week would not be complete without a visit to the fire station.  It was so much fun!  The boys were fired up all week as they counted the "sleeps" until fire station day.  When the day finally came, they hopped in the van as excited as could be, sporting their plastic fire helmets and ready for whatever the day had in store for them!

Sam's "bestest" friend (that's her in the pic above) happens to be the granddaughter of the assistant chief at one of our local fire stations, and her being there was the icing on the cake for the boys.  Her grandfather was so nice, and more than happy to show us around.   

We got to see what firemen wear:

All their cool tools:

Explore the station:

Watch the motorized ladder come out from the top of the truck:

...and the floodlight:

And the most exciting part of the day... a ride in the firetruck!!!

 It was definitely a day to remember!

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