Fire Safety Sensory Bin

For our Fire Safety bin, I tried to include elements that would put out a fire.

What's Inside:

  • Baking Soda as a base-- because it will smother a fire
  • Fire hydrant squirters from Celebrate Express filled with water-- another way to extinguish a fire
  • Red and orange tissue paper "fire"
  • Little People fireman and fire truck
  • Letter Ff magnets

Tissue paper made it like a present to unwrap!

Pouring baking soda on the fire to put it out!

I thought they would play more with the squirters, but they were kind of stiff and difficult to squeeze.  They really didn't work well unless pointed strait down, which was good for this activity ;)  But also took away a bit of their appeal.

Using baking soda was both a hit and a miss I suppose.  Playing in it caused a dusting to get into their mouths and it didn't taste so good.  Sam did not like that much, didn't seem to bother Max.  But I think it was good that they were able to experience the sensory bin through taste as well this time!  It will help them remember how this useful substance can put a fire out!

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