F is for Fire

We learned all about fire, fire safety, and firefighters this week.  It was a very full week that started with a Saturday tour of our local fire station and ended with the boys testing out a real thermal imaging camera the following weekend!  


Stop Drop and Roll (A Book about Fire Safety)  was the favorite of the week!  My kindergartener especially liked it.   It's about a little girl who worries about every little bitty thing,  so she was a nervous wreck during fire safety week at school!  It's a fun story that effectively conveys fire safety and fire prevention. 


Thermal Imaging Camera:

My husband works for a company that manufactures safety equipment.  He was able to bring home a thermal imaging camera so the kids could learn how firemen find people through the smoke in a burning building.

We were able to test the temperature of various things (and people) around the house.
Sam registered 95 degrees!

My husband was told that these cameras are so durable that firefighters have used them to break through walls when needed-- so we felt pretty safe letting our six year old try it out.  He loved it!

It's sensitivity to any heat source was amazing... check this out:

Sam's hand:

Sam's handprint left behind!

The boys and their daddy had fun playing hide and seek using the camera.  They were able to detect the footprints left behind by the hider and find him by following the little footsteps to the hiding spot!!

*    *    *

Learning what a fire needs to burn and how to extinguish a fire:

This activity comes from Confessions of a Homeschooler.  You can get all the details from Erica's fire safety post.   

I printed out this coloring page describing the three things a fire needs to burn (heat, air, and fuel).

I lit a candle and Sam removed the heat from the fire with water:

I lit another candle and placed a jar over it to show that removing the air will also extinguish a fire:

And for the fuel demonstration, we let the candle burn down until it ran out of "fuel" and went out.  

So the boys could get even more hands on experience dousing a "fire,"  I made them a fire safety sensory bin

They got to use baking soda and fire hydrant water squirters to put out the {tissue paper} fire.   Click the link to read more about our sensory bin fun!

Social Studies

Click the link to see all the fun we had!

*   *   *

Pretend Play:

Inspired by No Time for Flashcards' diaper box fire truck, we made a firetruck of our own.  We wrapped a large box (from a steam mop) in red wrapping paper and the boys went to town making it look like a firetruck! 

Later in the week (after driving the "firetruck" through the house quite a few times), I asked the boys to take turns being the fireman while the other pretended to be in a burning building, in need of a fireman.  As you can see, by the time we got around to doing this the box/truck had well used!

As the fireman, each boy got a turn to quickly dress in his "fireproof clothes" after receiving the 911 call from the other then race to the rescue!
{Can you tell that Sam put on Max's coat and Max put on Sam's?} 

When it was time to be the person in distress, each boy got great practice dialing 911 and reciting their address...

And practicing "stop, drop, and roll" while waiting for the firefighter to come to the rescue:

*   *   *

We also watched Barney: Let's go to the Fire House (on Netflix).  

I know Barney gets a bad rap, but I don't thing the newer episodes are all that bad.  I especially liked this movie for it's fire safety info and how it held the attention of both my 3 and 6 year old the whole way through! It's about an hour long, and they both watched the entire thing-- and remembered what they learned from it. :)

We used firefighter printables from  Homeschool Creations Pre-K and K packs, and Our Little Monkeys Tot pack.  All three packs used the same graphics, and I really can't remember which printable came from which pack, but I know we used a mix of all.

Letter Ff search:

Letter F magnet page:

* We used more activities than pictured from each of the packs.  Some pics didn't come out, and some of the work Max did in a doctor's office waiting room. :)


 Firefighter number 1-10 puzzle:


Shadow matching:

Melissa and Doug Firetruck puzzle:

Craft Time

Firefighter Craft:

We did a variation of this craft by First Palette:

Firetruck Craft:

 I found a ton of firetruck crafts around the web.  Ours is a blend of a few.  For inspiration and tutorials, check out the different firetruck crafts on my fire safety Pinterest board.

Fun Food

We made these cute little graham cracker firetrucks.  Its a combo of ideas I found here and here.  
I mixed cream cheese icing with red food coloring for the spread, used half of a maraschino cherry for the siren, and mini oreos for the wheels.
They were YUMMY!

Fine Motor



Gross Motor

With sidewalk chalk, draw a ladder with fire at the top. The object is to "climb" the ladder (by jumping onto each rung) and squirt the fire.   Repeat until the fire is out!    

I found this fun game through part of the ABC Jesus Loves Me curriculum.  The boys love it. We've played it several times in the past, and now we can't use sidewalk chalk without squirting it with water!

For more fun fire safety ideas, check out my Fire Safety board on Pinterest!  

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  1. SO.MUCH.FUN!! (Can I go to your school?) You have really planned a wonderful fun week for your kids! I bet they will always remember it.

  2. Great unit. The thermal imaging camera is so cool.

  3. How cool you were able to bring home a thermal imaging camera! I've heard of them, but have never seen them in real life.

    Thanks for linking up to Science Sunday!

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  5. So much fun! Love all your ideas, especially the squirt bottle.



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