Busy, Busy

Every year about mid- May our town has a town-wide yard sale followed by a "trash day" -- a time to clean the basement and throw all your unwanted items to the curb.  Trash day is equal to yard sale day in the number of "shoppers" scouring the town for treasures, and it's a blast to watch how fast all your stuff disappears!  Anywho, it also lands within the same timeframe as our church's rummage sale.  It's the perfect time of year for purging, de-hoarding, and ORGANIZING! :)  I've been known to re-name it as the most wonderful time of the year.

So can you guess who's been a cleanin' fool lately?  Yup, this gal. 

Part of the fun:  

All of THIS:

got separated into THESE:

Three of the bins were put into the basement for later rotation.  The contents of the fourth one was put  back into the room.  Two garbage bags full of toys are on their way to the church, and another garbage bag went to the trash.  So the kids are now functioning {happily} with about a fifth of their toys.  It's glorious!  SOOOO much easier to maintain. 

I'm giddy.

Through the chaos of the cleaning and organization process we have been having a blast with fire safety week around here!  Our week has been jam packed with fire safety activities I can't wait to share-- just haven't found the time yet!  

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