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~Corinne is 21 months old~
Tot School 

My first Tot School post!  This week was all about birds here at our house.  Corinne did some activities with her brother for preschool, but we did lots of stuff just for her too. :) 

We played in the bird sensory bin:

Played with our duck toy and quacked:

Opened and closed plastic eggs and put pom poms inside:

I showed her to match the pom poms to the egg by color.  I don't think she can do this on her own yet, but she's learning!

I made her a "felt board,"  (i.e. I threw 2 yards of fleece over our easel).  I found the "This Little Chick" nursery rhyme printable with corresponding color chicks at DLTK.  There is a little rhyme for each color, such as,  "This little chick is Green.  She's the prettiest little chick I've ever seen!"  As I read the rhyme, I handed her the colored chick to but on the board.
She LOVED it.  We played with these little chicks (and learned about colors) for a long time.  Sometimes with the rhyme, sometimes without.
**(FYI-- To get the chicks to stick to the board I glued pellon (interfacing) to the back of them.)

What Else?

*  We sang Six Little Ducks.  Making my hand "quack, quack, quack" in her face got lots of smiles!

*  Colored a bird coloring page

*  I "flew" her around the house while we tweeted about.  "Tweet, tweet... tweet, tweet."

*  Played Duck, Duck, Goose with her brothers (with help).

*  Looked at her Easter book, Where are Baby's Easter Eggs? and talked about how the eggs are in the shape of an oval.  I wanted to do more this week to learn about ovals, like make an oval shaped bird craft and glue scraps of paper to a big paper oval, but just didn't get to it.

That about covers our bird week.  For more bird ideas, check out what we did for preschool. :)

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  1. This is so fun! Love the felt board rhyme...great idea about the interfacing!

  2. poppimg over from tot school, we did birds this week too, great sensory bin - loving the worms, and can't believe I missed flying my daughter about!

    1. Loved bird week, heading over to see what you did with your tot! Thanks for stopping by! :)

  3. Thanks for posting the link to the "This Little Chick" activity. We're doing a Chick theme this week for Tot School so I'm going to use that.



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