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Since it's springtime and we just spent time learning about eggs, it seemed like just the right time to start learning about birds and nests.  We had a great week and learned a lot!!

We checked out several books from the library this week about birds.  There were some favorites in the bunch, but I would say that all of them were goodies! 

A Nest Full of Eggs by Priscilla Belz Jenkins-  This is a Let's Read and Find Out Science book.  It follows the life cycle of a robin, then gives a quick overview of different types of nests for different types of birds in the back of the book.  It was perfect for our theme this week, but the boys didn't choose it very often.

The Hen Can't Help It, A First Look at the Life Cycle of a Chicken by Sam Godwin-  This was by far the favorite book of the week!  Cute illustrations, fictional narrative mixed with chicken life cycle facts.  Entertaining and educational!

Egg Napped!  by Marisa Montes-  I thought this was a cute story, but the boys didn't chose it very often.  

See How They Grow- Duck-  Great book.  It is told through the perspective of the duck, which definitely made in a hit with Max.  And Sam is counting down the days until baby ducks hatch in his classroom, so this one piqued his curiosity too.  I would say this was the second favorite book of the week.

How an Egg Grows into a Chicken by Tanya Kant-  I would say that Max learned the most from this one, but after the first read, he really didn't choose it again.  Each page asks a question (like "Why does a hen sit on her eggs?") and goes on to give a simple but informative answer.  I would definitely recommend it!


* We learned about the life cycle of a bird. 

* We read and discussed what happens inside an egg as a baby bird grows inside;  how it is nourished by the yolk of the egg and protected by the white.  We learned about the parts of the egg a couple weeks ago, so this was a good review.

* We learned that an egg needs to be fertilized in order for a baby bird to grow inside an egg (and that the eggs we eat are not fertilized).

* We watched this video of a baby chick hatching (as posted on Totally Tots).  Max love, love, LOVED watching this!!  We watched it over and over. :)
* We observed birds in our backyard and talked about the things birds eat.

* We visited Sam's school to look at some real duck eggs in an incubator.  We'll get to go back and see
   the ducklings when they hatch at the end of the month!  We're all really excited!

* We played in the sensory bin and talked about the things we learned about birds and their nests.  I was so thrilled with how he acted out the things we learned!!


We used quite a few  N is for Nest printables from Confessions of a Homeschooler. 

Letter matching:
 (an uppercase version is also available)

 Letter Nn egg sort:
 {love the car audience!}

N is for nest magnet page:

Theme words:
This printable came from the Bird Pre-K pack by Homeschool Creations.  We looked at all the letters in each word and worked on sounding them out.  Then he wanted to color the pictures. :)

We played "Get out of the wagon!" from our All About Reading curriculum.

Math Concepts

I got the idea to use plastic eggs as counters from Mama Jenn's post on Totally Tots
Max loved it!


(what happened to number 2?)

The object is to count the number of leaves and clip the clothespin to the corresponding number at the bottom of the card.
 Max struggles a little with fine motor skills, so it was a tad bit tricky for him  to manipulate the clothespin onto the card.  But he did it and was so proud!  This was great practice for him.

Craft Time

Fun Food


Fine Motor

Picked up pink pipe cleaner "worms" with clothespin "beaks." 

 I included the "beaks" and "worms" in the sensory bin, but Max didn't really have much interest in playing with them in there.  So I put some on a tray and he had a blast!  As his beak chomped down on a worm, I pretended to be the voice of the worms, saying, "Here comes the beak, it's gonna eat us, ahhh!!"  He thought that was hilarious!

Gross Motor

* Played Duck, Duck, Goose
* Ran around the house flapping his wings and pretending to be a bird.


Looked at his first and last name written on paper.  Said all the letters of both names out loud.  

** Funny of the week:  I pointed to his first name and asked him what it said.  He responded "Max."  I pointed to his last name and asked what that said, and he said "handsome."  Then looked at the first letter [C] and said "Candsome."  ....He had just done a little singing performance at our bible study, and as we got ready in the morning I tried to make a big deal out of him looking so handsome.  You know, just to make him feel good and build his confidence before his little debut.  Guess it worked??  Maybe a little too well!

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  1. I just printed all of these same printables and can't wait to plan a lesson around them! Looks like a fun week!

  2. Love your sensory box & bird nest treats!! You have a lot of wonderful resources in here!! Thanks for linking up to TGIF! Looking forward to seeing you again tomorrow =-)



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