M is for Moon

We actually learned about the moon several weeks ago.  I was just starting to kick the idea around in my head of starting a blog, so I took a few pics and jotted down some notes to keep track of the things we did.   Since we took some time off this week, I thought this would be a good time to record what we did for moon week.


Moon Dreams by Ruth Martin.  Great book!  A cute story that teaches that the moon is always in the sky, but can only be seen at night.  Mentions different phases of the moon (full, half and crescent) and has beautiful illustrations.  The boys and I really enjoyed this book!

The Way Back Home by Oliver Jeffers.  This is a fun book from our collection.  It doesn't teach much about the moon, but it's a silly story the boys enjoy.  We talked about the beginning, middle and end of the story and looked at which phase the moon was in in the pictures.

Goodnight Moon by Margret Wise Brown.  At the time, this was Corinne's favorite book and there happened to also be a lot of blog posts floating around centered around this book-- so I threw it in the mix and thought we would try some of the fun activities.

Finding Out about Everyday Things by Eliot Humberstone (Usbourne book)- We read the moon section of the book.  It was only two pages, but we learned a lot!

My "m" Sound Box by Jane Belk Moncure

123 Count with Me and A is for Apple- lift the flap, tactile number/letter books.


* We talked about the phases of the moon and their shapes:  Full Moon (circle), Half Moon (half circle), and Crescent Moon (crescent).  I kept it simple and only focused on the three phases.  

* Looked outside every night at the moon and talked about the things we have learned.

* Learned that the moon doesn't have its own light, but reflects the sun's light at night.

* Learned that the moon is always in the sky, but we only see it at night.

* Learned that the moon's surface is dry, powdery, and rocky... and explored those textures in our "moon box" sensory bin.
I used Flour mixed with epsom salt to emphasize the three textures.  Worked out great!


M is for Moon magnet page from Making Learning Fun

* Highway Letter M- also from Making Learning Fun.  Max was thrilled to drive his cars in the shape of the letter!  Those folks over at Making Learning Fun sure know what they're doing. :)

* Letter M Play Doh mat

* Traced the letter M with our tactile letter book.  I know he's tracing the letter O in this picture, but since I didn't have many pics to post, I threw this in for a visual of the book we use.

* Talked about the beginning, the middle and the end parts of Moon Dreams and The Way Back Home.

Math Concepts

* Number poster.  Finger painted a number seven poster and put on the correct number of stickers.

* Telling time and Shape sorting.  I tried to get Max to move the hands on his Melissa and Doug clock to the times shown in Goodnight Moon.  I thought this was such a cute idea when I read it on Jolanthe's Goodnight Moon post.  But Max was more interested in doing the shape sorting activity, so we went with that instead. :)

* Graphed our Oreo phases of the Moon:
I don't know who to credit for the brilliant idea of teaching the moon phases with Oreos.  I think I first saw it on Pinterest, but didn't pin it.   I've seen it so many places since then, I just don't know who to link to!  

Craft Time

Sam (my kindergartner) was so into our moon week, he spent an afternoon drawing TONS of different moons {on his own} and hung them up all over the house.  More than one looked like this:

Do you see how it appears to say OCD?   Love it!!! :)

Fun Food

Phases of the moon pancakes:

Fine Motor

Play Doh moons:
Used a lid to make a full moon

Cut it to make a half moon

Gross Motor

I got out the pop up crawl-through tunnels.  Max crawled through smaller tunnels and into the largest compartment-- the “rocket ship.”  Then pretended to blast off to the moon!  At one point Max peeked his little head out of his rocket ship and said “Come in with me space mommy!!”  :D

It's been about seven weeks, and the boys still talk about the things we learned.  Every time Max sees anything in the shape of a circle he quizzes me, "What kind of moon is this?"  Few things make me happier than knowing our "teachable moments" have a lasting impression :)

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  1. Love all the hands on science and moon activities! So neat that they are still talking about all that they learned. :)

    Visiting from Preschool Corner!

  2. You put together such a fun Moon week! We are just finishing our Outer Space unit: so many fun things you can do with this theme. Love the Oreo Moon Phases! We planned this one, but ate all the Oreos before we got it done...

  3. I liked your sensory box, what a fun idea.

    Thanks for linking up to Science Sunday!



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