Teachable Moments Preschool~ E is for Egg and Easter

We focused on the letter E, the Easter story, and eggs this week.  

To focus on the Easter story, we used the  Easter Blessings pre-K pack by Our Little Monkeys and told the Easter story throughout the week.

For the letter E/egg theme, we used a few printables from the Easter pre-K pack from Over the Big Moon and borrowed some ideas from Maureen's Ee is for egg post on Totally Tots.


To honor the Easter season, we told a little bit of the Easter story each day leading up to Easter.  I tried to find a craft or a fun activity to go along with each part of the story we covered.  I think it really helped the kids learn the true meaning of Easter.


We observed eggs raw and learned how heat changes an egg from liquid to solid.  

Since it was Easter week, we dyed eggs.  As we prepped the eggs,  it gave us an opportunity to look at  the eggs in the boiling water and talk about how the heat might change the egg.  

After we dyed our eggs, I let them crack a raw egg so we could compare the inside of a raw egg to the inside of a hard boiled egg.  Sam thought his car might like to have a peek too ;)

We talked about the different parts of the egg and how heat changes each part.  Then they got to enjoy a couple of their Easter eggs as a snack!


Letter E Play-Doh mat 
{no picture} 

*** From the Over the Big Moon pack:

Find the upper and lowercase letter E's:

Letter Ee sort

E is for Easter magnet page:


Number 0 poster:
I thought Easter would be a good week to talk about zero- there was one Jesus in the tomb, then there was zero!

***From the Easter Blessings pack:

How Many:

What's Different:

Count and Match Puzzle Cards:

Crayola sure met a demand when they invented washable markers!  

Ten piece puzzle:

Shadow Matching:
I took the pic before prepping it, but as you can see, just cut the squares out and ask the little one to match the pictures to their shadows.


Cutting Practice:

"Follow the path to show that Jesus rose from the grave!"- Love it! 

Color the Lamb's Bow

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