Teachable Moments Kindergarten~ Easter

While Sam was on spring break from school, we had a great opportunity to test out what it might be like to homeschool him next year.  Since it was Easter, the Easter story and Eggs were our theme for the week.

For Sam's brother Max, I have started using a set of paper trays to organize our school time.  It's our version of the workbox system.  In our version, I prepare a tray for each category (one for literacy, one for math, etc) and include all the materials/tools needed to complete each activity.  It's worked out wonderfully.  Since Max often asks to "do trays," Sam was thrilled to get his own set of trays!

Most of the activities this week were pretty simple for him.  I wanted him to enjoy our school time and focus most of his energy on learning the Easter story.

We had a fun week studying the story of the Resurrection.  Sam is at an age where he can really follow the story and make a connection between the activities/crafts and the story.  I am thrilled with how much he learned!

 We learned about the different parts of an egg and how heat changes it from a liquid to a solid.    
You can read a little more about it here


Sight word Play-Doh mat:

I just typed out some of the sight words he needs to review in large font on my computer, printed out, then slid the sheets into a page protector so he could squish play-doh into the shape of the letters.

Three Part Cards:

If you are not familiar with three part cards, the cards on the left of each pair include a picture and a word describing the picture-  all on one card.  The other two parts of "three part" cards are a picture alone and the separate corresponding word.   The object is for the child to match the picture and the word separately, forcing him/her to look at the letters in the word or read the word in order to match it up correctly. 

Sam did pretty much everything his brother did in the "Literacy" category.    I knew he would enjoy those activities, and they served as a good review.


Telling Time:
As we told the story of the crucifixion, we asked Sam to turn his clock to each hour the earth was covered in darkness (noon - 3pm).
He acts like such a little goofball when he knows he's having his picture taken! :)

Fill in the missing number:


*  *  *

After we finished up our work, Sam handed out stickers to his brother and sister for a job well done- just like at his school. :)

**Printables came from Our Little Monkeys' Easter Blessings and Over the Big Moon's Easter pre-K packs.

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