Octopus Crafts

For our octopus theme last week, we did two super easy, fun craft projects.


I found this idea at Child Fun.  They have this and many more ideas for an octopus theme.  

We used:
  • brown paper lunch bag
  • plastic grocery bag (or newspaper)
  • pipe cleaner (could also use string, twist tie, or rubber band)
  • scissors
  • paper reinforcement stickers
  • google eyes
  • glue
  • marker 
We used a plastic grocery bag to stuff the paper bag.   Then we tied off the bag with a pipe cleaner, creating a "head."  Next, we cut the unstuffed portion of the bag into eight strips for tentacles.  Then we glued on some google eyes, drew a little mouth,  and stuck paper reinforcements for "suction cups" along the octopus' tentacles.

The boys had a blast playing with their creations!  You would have thought they just got a new toy from the toy store.  They chased each other around the house threatening to "ink" the other and pretending to run away from the eel (one of the octopus' most dangerous enemies, we learned).  It was so fun to watch them play out the things they learned!!

*  *  *


I found this at Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas via Pinterest.  They did a much neater job than we did, but we had just as much fun, I'm sure!  (Don't ya just love the surly expression Max drew on his octopus' face??)

As I'm sure you can see, all you do is paint your tube and wait for it to dry, cut eight strips for arms, then just glue on some eyes and draw a little mouth.  Done!  

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