O is for Octopus

Max has a bit of an octopus obsession, so he was absolutely thrilled that it was our theme this week.  I kind of wanted to wait until summer to do an ocean-related theme, but he talks about octopuses so often these days, octopus theme it was!

Our books for the week:

We read Tickly Octopus a ton, it is a fantastic book for preschoolers.  It teaches the major characteristics of the octopus with a cute storyline we all enjoyed.

An Octopus is Amazing is from the"Let's Read and Find Out Science" series.  I plan on stocking up on as many books from this series as I can!  This one is full of interesting octopus facts written in a clear, simple format.  I can't believe how much I learned from this book!  I can't say that Max was that into it, but Sam (my more fact-oriented boy) was intrigued with what this book had to offer and it gave a great jumping off point for discussion.


In addition to our books, we played in the "Octopus box" and talked about the different features of the octopus.

We also watched a clip from the octopus episode of Wild Kratts through the PBS Kids iPad app to see what a real live octopus looked like... then watched the full episode on You Tube.


His job is to find the letter for the week and trace it with his finger.

This was his first lesson.  He played with the rhyming cards a couple times this week.  He didn't pick up on it as quickly as I thought he would, but he liked it.  We'll work on this one again next week.

He pushed the Play-Doh down and said the sound of the letter and some of the words that start with O.  

For more letter O fun, we were lucky enough to find this great octopus themed pre-K pack from Confessions of a Homeschooler.    

Letter O Hunt:

He circled all the letter O's on the page.

 O is for Octopus magnet page:

We used a Do-a-Dot marker instead.

Octopus letter matching:

We only did uppercase letters, but there is an option to download lowercase letters as well.

Computer Typing:
He typed MOM and DAD by listening to me say the letter sound and finding the corresponding letter.  Then he looked at the word on the screen and (all by himself) pointed to each letter, said the sound, and then said the full word!!  I was so excited and proud of him!


He found the number eight and traced it with his finger.  

Practiced writing a number eight by drawing inside the lines and put eight stickers on his poster.  His stickers this week were paper reinforcements (also served as an octopus' "suction cups" in a craft).

Octopus counting game (from the COAH pre-K pack):

Max LOVED this game!  If you look in some of the pictures above, you will see his little octopus friends hanging out with him as he did his other activities :)  The object is to place the correct number of octopi on the board.  We used numbers from our Melissa and Doug clock to serve as the object number.

Octopus Patterning:

I don't think he really gets the idea of patterning.  He still needs a lot of help, but he'll get it soon I'm sure!


Paper bag octopus:

Paper towel roll octopus:

More about our octopus crafts this week and instructions on how to make them here.


  • Cutting practice- He cut strips of card stock into squares and triangles.
  • Crafts
  • Sensory Bin- Sticking the suction cups to the side of the "Octopus Box," playing with the paint bag, and scooping and dumping.


  • Octopus floor numbers (from COAH)-  we laid them out in order and the kids jumped and giant stepped to each number.  I wish I could have gotten a picture, but the little tot needed some help with this one!
  • Jumped in the bouncy castle (link is not the one we own, but similar).  Also no picture- I used this time to clean my kitchen ;  


  • Traced over his name on paper.
  •  Typed his name on the computer.  This was a first for him and he loved it so much he asks to type his name every time he sees my computer out. 


  • We still haven't gotten a "good" teaching calendar, but he absolutely loves the Starfall calendar activity.  We also count the days and talk about the letters we see on a plain printable calendar, but he seems to be learning so much more from Starfall.  LOVE that site :)

*  *  *

Well, that was our week, thanks for stopping by!

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