Nest/Bird Sensory Bin

This week we learned all about birds, nests and (a little more about) eggs.  So we had some hands-on fun learning with our latest sensory bin.

What's inside:
  • oatmeal (as the base for scooping and dumping)
  • shredded brown paper lunch bag
  • pink pipe cleaners (worms)
  • clothespins (beaks.. to "eat" the worms)
  • plastic eggs
  • our "Palm Pets" baby chicks (got these for $1.50 each after Easter at my local Rite Aid pharmacy)
  • green paper easter grass (added after above pic was taken)
  • pom poms (also added later)

I had intended the pom poms to serve as baby birds to fit inside the eggs, but Max had a better idea.  After learning about the life cycle of birds, the thing that really stood out to him was that baby birds feed on the yolk while growing inside the egg.  So the yellow pom poms became egg yolk. :)  

He grabbed one of our small toy birds and told us that the baby was eating it's yolk so it can grow and hatch out of the egg.  What a wonderful moment to see him act out what he learned with no prompting from me!

Trying to get the little bird and the "yolk" into the egg. 

Baby bird eating the yolk :)

The idea to use clothespins as beaks and pipe cleaners as worms came from PreKinders (via pinterest).

This ended up being an activity we had to do separately.  Max was to into the other aspects of the bin and wasn't interested in this much, but absolutely loved it when it showed up as an activity on one of his trays later in the week. 

 Corinne had lots of fun opening and closing the eggs and feeling all the interesting textures.


The bin was a hit with all three kiddos!!

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