Bird and Nest Crafts

Chick in Hatching Egg

Last week we learned about eggs and focused on the letter E and I had planned to do this craft: 
It comes from Maureen over at Spell Outloud.  I found it on her E is for egg post on Totally Tots.  We never got to it though, so we did a variation of it this week for our bird theme.

Instead of the letter E, we used these little hatching chicks from DLTK.  I cut out the chicks (for the younger two) and the eggs so all they would have to do is color and glue.   For the eggs I just cut cardstock into an egg shape, then cut that in half zig-zagged style, and hinged it together with a brad.

They colored their chicks:

They glued their chick onto construction paper, then glued the bottom half of the egg onto the bottom half of the chick.

Corinne had some help with hers, but she did pretty good.  She loves crafts. :)

Finished products-- eggs that close and open to reveal a baby chick! 

*  *  *

Yarn Bird's Nest

This nest craft from No Time for Flashcards fit our theme perfectly, and I couldn't wait to try it!  It's super simple and fun for the kiddos if they like to get messy!  You can click on the link to read more detailed instructions straight from the source, but here's a quick run-down of how we did it...

All you need is a barely inflated balloon, glue, paper plate, and yarn cut into strips.  No Time for Flashcards suggests about 24 {four inch} pieces, but we used a bit more than that.

Just dip yarn pieces in glue and stick them to the balloon- the more random the better.

 Have fun playing in the glue:

Let dry for 24 hours.
 Like my multi-purpose old spaghetti jar/candle holder/nest dryer? 

Pop the balloon (and discard), and you have a new home for a little bird!

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