The Plan

I have been attempting to carve out some intentional learning time with each of my three kiddos over the past several months.  So far it's going well, but it's still taking shape... and boy am I overwhelmed with thoughts and ideas!  To help with planning, I do what Type A's do-  make a list.  (I'm kinda psyched that this blog can help me organize all sorts of lists that won't get lost, scribbled on, or ruined via juice spillage).

So here is a rundown of where we are now:

Every week we have a theme, usually an animal or upcoming holiday or season.

Lately we have been doing theme-related sensory bins.  BIG hit with all three kids.  So together they all have fun with the sensory bin, we read books, and do crafts as a little group.


My oldest son, Sam, is six years old and currently in half day Kindergarten.  I am on the lookout for things that can enhance what he's learning in school, expose him to new concepts, and give us a chance to test out what it might be like to homeschool him next year, should we choose that path.

   Kindergarten Categories:

  • Reading-  We will be going through All About Reading Level 1, working on sight words and word families through games, and using easy readers to practice his new skills.
  • Math-  Simple addition and subtraction, skip counting, identifying coins and their values, and telling time.
  • Science/Social Studies-  Our theme of the week.  I've really been enjoying this time with him.  He's at an age where he really "gets it," and it's so fun to watch him learn!

My middle man is 3 1/2.  Through searching for a home preschool curriculum for him, I found the ABC Jesus Loves Me curriculum as well as a wealth of wonderful homeschool blogs and preschool centered learning sites.  So I pull bits and pieces from all over the web to try to form a fun learning week for him based on a theme I think all the little ones will enjoy.

   Preschool Categories:
  • Alphabet/Literacy Skills-  We are working through All About Reading Level Pre-1.  We do a lot of work on phonological awareness and letter formation outside of the program as well- whatever I come across that I think he might like!
  • Numbers/Early Math Concepts
  • Science/Social Studies- Our theme of the week.
  • Craft 
  • Fine Motor
  • Gross Motor
  • Name- Learning to spell and write his first name.
  • Calendar
** I try to make sure we do something in each of these categories three days a week.  He's been really enjoying it, and has been asking to "do trays" as we call it (since I put each activity on it's own paper tray) just about every day! :)

My little lady is currently 20 months, we call her Mini.  She likes to do whatever her brothers are doing, but I have recently started giving her a more focused Tot School time as well.  I wish I would have done this with the other two when they were her age!

   Tot School Categories:
  • Colors
  • Shapes
  • Fine Motor
  • Gross Motor
  • Self Care
  • Problem Solving- blocks, puzzles, etc.
  • Music-  mostly just singing little songs and/or rhymes with fingerplays.

Since the kids are part of a wonderful bible teaching children's program and they have a great Sunday School at church, I haven't made Bible a "school subject" for them just yet.  I will definitely plan out something more deliberate to do over the summer and next school year.  As for now, just trying to capture the "teachable moments" in our day to day!

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