Octopus Sensory Bin

We are pretty new to sensory bins.  I put it off for so long because I was sure they would be time consuming to put together and too much of a mess to clean up after.  But I went ahead and tried one out a few weeks ago, and the kids not only had a ball playing in it, they really learned a lot too!  And contrary to what I had thought, it neither took long to put together nor to clean up after.  So, we are on the sensory bin bandwagon now!

This week's theme is Octopus:

Like the artwork?  It's courtesy of my kindergartener, Sam.  He was all about helping me put this bin together after he discovered the little orange octopus only had six arms.  If you know my Sam, you know it's completely unacceptable to have an inaccurate octopus in the "octopus box."  He immediately got to work on a pipe cleaner octopus with the correct number of arms and some drawings to accompany it.

Here are some more:
Are these not the cutest little octopi you ever saw??

And so you can get a better look at the other things in the bin...
What's inside:
  • Aquarium rocks
  • Suction cups with removable hooks (My sister's brilliant idea!  Got 'em at the dollar store.)
  • Black paint bag to represent the ink an octopus squirts for protection (and to practice "writing" the letter O).
  • Anatomically incorrect octopus bath toy
  • Green colander type bath toy for scooping and dumping (also the octopus' home)
  • Letter O (from a puzzle)
  • Number 8 (also from a puzzle)

Suction cups offer great fine motor skill practice.

The "Octopus Box" was a huge hit! :)

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